Daycare in Liberty

School-Age Daycare In Liberty

At Freedom Preschool, we’re setting students all across our community up for success and we can’t wait for your child to be next. Our Daycare program provides reliable, Christ-Centered childcare for students ages 5-12.

This exciting environment is the perfect place for young kids to have a great time while building the skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

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Our Daycare Program Is Dedicated To The Success Of Every Child In Liberty, Julian, and Snow Camp

When you join us here at Freedom Preschool, you’ll see that we care about the success of every child in our system. That’s why we are committed to providing professional teachers who can work with students on an individual level and help them become their very best selves.

We embrace active learning strategies and surround our students with accomplished staff members who are trained in proven early childhood development strategies.

In our Daycare program, your child can enjoy:

Faith-Based Learning
We let our love of Christ drive the growth and development of our students, challenging their minds and allowing them to learn in an environment where they can be supported from day one.

Active Educational Tools
We want our students to be excited and engaged about the learning process. Our strategies allow young students to embrace their educational journey with hands-on lessons.

Dedicated Teachers
Our staff is committed to the success of every child in our program. We work with each child on an individual level to understand the learning processes that work best for them. We’re here to help each and every child thrive.

Experience Liberty’s Faith-Based School-Age Daycare

If you’re truly ready to give your child the best, come see us here at Freedom Preschool today. We’re providing students ages 5 - 12 with transformational growth in their social and academic lives — all while setting our students up for a rewarding journey serving Christ.

Come see us here in Liberty today or simply fill out the short for on your screen to learn more.

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